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    My phone software updated yesterday, now I no longer receive notification icons in the upper left hand corner of my lock screen. It just says Verizon Wireless now. How do I get the icons to appear again?

    This was a terrible change because I no longer know why my phone is buzzing. Is it for a text message, missed call, voice mail, an app, who knows??? I now have to unlock my phone to see what the buzzing was for. I called Verizon and Samsung, but after talking to 3 techs their only answer was a factory reset. This option sucks! I have had to do this 2 times already for other system glitches. It takes about 7 hrs to just download everything back to my phone. Then more time is spent logging into apps and applying my settings again.

    Is there another way to get my notification icons back without factory resetting my phone? Does a factory reset even guarantee the icons return to the lock screen or was this feature done away with in the update?
    03-07-2015 03:39 PM

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