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    This post was written with a different subject previously. I'm surprised that no one posted back.

    I updated lollipop 5 from Android 4.4.4 to lollipop 5.0. The installation went relatively smooth, but there were strange happenings. The screen went totally blank after the first update was installed. It looked like the phone was dead. No button would activate the phone. I was on the phone to Verizon when the phone came back on and continued the installation. The delay was at least 10 minutes. After the first application was installed. The verizon screen went blank again. It stayed that way for 5 minutes and acted as though the phone was locked up. While I was making another call to verizon, the phone started to install the rest of the application. The rest went smoothly. My complaint is that during the insulation, a dialog box does not tell you what's going on. So if you're installing lollipop, be patient. It is well worth it.

    Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5 Verizon network

    Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5 Verizon network
    03-20-2015 06:33 AM
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    Not sure what kind of response you where looking for the first time you posted or the second time. However, when ever you do a upgrade whether a phone or a PC always figure it can take longer than your or the software developer says/thinks it will. You have to be patient and just let it run it's course.
    03-20-2015 06:48 PM
  3. IMANUT46's Avatar
    Agree. I have been working with PC's for over 20 years through many updates and I know that it can be a long process. My feeling was the absence of some kind of dialogue box to indicate that it was still working rather than have the screen go totally blank and have the smartphone appear frozen. Thanks.

    Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5 Verizon network
    03-21-2015 05:23 AM

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