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    I am now having an issue with my micro sd card. I have a Samsung 64Gb micro sd card and have been using it on my Galaxy S5 for about three months now.

    A few days ago, having updated my phone a few days prior, my phone repeatedly displayed the notification "removed SD Card". Now when ever my card is installed this notification repeatedly appears, my phone finding and losing the card over and over.

    I bought a Samsung micro sd card specifically to avoid this kind of issue, since my research showed that any other type or brand card results in instant catastrophic failure (basically).

    I have tried the card on my computer, which just freezes everything with an endless loading bar when I try to access the card files(and stops my internet access. ???). I have tried my Samsung tablet which detects it as an unknown format and asks if I want to reformat it.

    Does anyone know what could be causing this and what I could do to get access to the card again and use it?
    It was almost full and I was about to copy off all my data. I accidentally had been running apps on it, but only a few, and other than that it was just for pictures and videos. Every other issue I have found reported was only tangentially related.

    03-22-2015 04:40 AM
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    You could flash previous ROM or remove a SD card before update!

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    03-22-2015 05:34 AM
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    I would try both wiping the phone's cache in recovery as well as reformatting the card and see if that prescription provides any relief.

    To wipe the cache:

    1. Turn the power off.
    2. Press the volume up+home+power keys until you feel the phone vibrate.
    3. Release the power and home keys but continue to press the volume up key until you enter the Recovery menu.
    4. Use the volume up or down keys to navigate and the power key to select the 'wipe cache partition option.
    5. Select 'Reboot' when done.

    ♻from the n.4 Prime✒🍫
    03-22-2015 06:06 AM

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