1. nysteph06's Avatar
    Ever since my phone updated to a new version, my home button now constantly brings up the Google Now feature. It doesn't matter if I do a long press or a short one, pressing the home button keeps bringing up Google Now and many times I'm just stuck pressing it over and over trying to go to my home screen. Sometimes I am able to press the home button just right and it takes me home, but most times I'm just stuck.

    I'm currently running Google Now version I'm currently running Android version 4.4.4. I understand there is a new version available, but my husband has the new version and he has the same home button issue I have.
    04-06-2015 02:02 PM
  2. luke31's Avatar

    Moral of the story, no real answer until AT&T fixes it. There are some temp fixes. My girlfriend is going through the same issues with her GS5. Annoying to no end. Disabling Google Now shouldn't be the solution.

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    04-06-2015 03:40 PM
  3. staceytb's Avatar
    Following thread - praying for solution! Get it together AT&T!
    04-06-2015 09:20 PM
  4. nysteph06's Avatar
    That's the answer I was afraid of, but it is what it is. Thanks for the info!
    04-06-2015 09:37 PM

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