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    I changed from a Iphone 5S to a Galaxy S5 a few months ago, when i passed all photos to the S5 they seemed to have lost their date tag and became really unorganized, there were not many so i was ok with it.

    Recently i decided to reset my phone because it was becoming slow. I passed all images/videos to my PC and erased my phone. When i passed the pictures back, they were organized by date. Most (435) show up as today but are in order of older to new, the others are organized by year, 2013/2014. A few old pictures show up as the most recent.

    When i passed the videos back to the phone, they were in order of newest to oldest but they all showed up as (Today) and aren't mixed with the photos, they show up on the top part of (Today)

    Is there a way which i can get my photos to organize by date with the videos mixed in with them also organized by date? If not, is there a manual way to change the photos date tag?
    04-29-2015 09:10 AM

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