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    Hi everyone, it's my first post here. English isn't my first language so please correct me if I'm wrong

    I just got my Galaxy S5 for few weeks, it's my first smatphone. I don't use my phone so much, just few calls per day and read a news, check Facebook, Twitter mostly at lunch and before go to sleep. The battery is fine but I don't really understand how's the battery percentages work.
    I've turned off GPS, NFC, Bluetooth and only turn on Wi-Fi when I need, and the "Power saving" mode is always on.

    How's the battery percentages work?-screenshot_2015-05-16-15-09-03.jpg

    This is my screenshot on battery,

    How's the battery percentages work?-screenshot_2015-05-16-15-07-02.jpg How's the battery percentages work?-screenshot_2015-05-16-15-07-11.jpg

    How's the battery percentages work?-screenshot_2015-05-16-15-07-25.jpg How's the battery percentages work?-screenshot_2015-05-16-15-07-32.jpg

    Total percentages I can count is Screen(13%) + Cell standby(9%) + ... + Google Play Music(1%) = 48% + 21% battery remainning = 69%
    So where's 31% battery gone?
    05-16-2015 05:02 AM
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    Let's see if I can explain this properly.....

    The percentage given to each process is not relative to a fully charged phone and are not meant to add up to 100%. More specifically, if you charge your phone back to 100% battery life, those percentages will not count backwards to 0 as your battery life increases.

    What those percentages show is what apps and processes use your battery the most and which ones use it the least. In your case, the Screen absorbs the most battery and Google Play Music absorbs the least amount of battery. This is normal since the screen is draining your battery every time you use the phone and Google Play Music is only going to drain the battery while you are actually using that app.

    You can help maximize your battery life by closing apps periodically throughout the day by touching the little square to the left of your home key and then tapping on the X in the bottom right corner. Whenever you open an app, the app remains open even after you leave the app by pressing the home key and will continue to drain your battery faster than when the app is properly closed. There are also plenty of tips and tricks out there for ways to extend your battery life. Just use the google.

    Oh, and your English is fine.
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    05-16-2015 05:30 AM
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    Thank you, and what do you think about my battery?
    I continue using my phone under the condition like I described before, I have 5h20m until it drop to 10%
    And in a highly used day with the "Power saving" mode off, I only have about 4h onscreen time before it drop to 10% from 100%
    05-16-2015 08:31 AM

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