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    So I got my S5 in May. That same day We all set our data warning limit at 4 gig. We have 5 phones sharing 20 gig. The other day I decide to check my data usage and it shows 8.82!! And I notice my data usage screen is totally different from what it was. Its white background with a green graph. The dates are May 6 - june 3rd todays date and I can't change that date. There is no tab to adjust for data warnings. I've had several phones and pretty sure I'm getting to the correct screen settings data usage. I'm lost! Also checked US cellular web site for my usage and it shows 1.52 GB on my phone. All the phones together usage is at 11.4GB And 8.52 remaining. I thought maybe my phone was showing Total GB used on the phones but its not. Any suggestions? I just called us Cellular they're gonna try to do a reset on their end I'll report back if that works.
    06-03-2015 06:07 PM
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    I just went into my settings to check out what you're referring to.

    Take a VERY close look and see if there are two tabs on your Data Usage page. One is for "Mobile", and one is for "Wi-Fi". I have always had my Wi-Fi reporting turned off... tap on the 3 vertical dots and then "Hide Wi-Fi usage".

    When I turned mine back on, and tapped the "Wi-Fi" tab, it shows the same dates as you - May 6 to June 3. Total of 7.32GB.
    If I tap on "Mobile", it takes me back to my mobile data of (currently) 2.05 GB.

    Take a close look and report back please...
    06-03-2015 07:19 PM
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    So here's what has happened so far. US cellular did a reset on their end. Was told to power down my phone wait a few minutes and turn it back on. That worked until now. Checked my data and its back to where it was yesterday so I shut phone off and back on and its fixed again. Can3 I don't think I had the two tabs when my data screen was screwed up. I have them now that's its showing my correct data usage. When my data was screwed up I tapped on the mobile data icon and it said insert sim card bla bla. lol can't remember the rest. So now that's its correct I went in and did what u said about hiding the wifi usage. I'll let u know if it happens again. Nick
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    06-04-2015 09:55 PM

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