1. Drexel Wright's Avatar
    So last night it happened, i tried everything. switching cables, wall adapters, everything. This morning i plugged it into my pc, and it started charging.

    (When i plugged it into a wall it showed the battery charging logo for about 2 seconds then just turned back off, then about 10 seconds later same thing happened over and over and over, as if it was getting little bursts of charge... if bursts is even the right word.)

    I also remembered this morning that mid day yesterday, i got a popup notification on my phone saying something like "In order to charge your battery, download the latest app" or something like that, i barely read it like an *****. I hit the OK option and it took me to the catagories page on the galaxy apps application.... no specific app showed up. I search "Battery" on that app this morning and nothing important seemed to come up except apps like battery doctor.

    What do i do? i thought that popup was just a fraud ad that somehow made it onto the home screen of the phone.... thought nothing of it.
    Is there a plugin missing? <--- (that idea seems really stupid to me)
    I still have a warranty, should i get the charging jack replaced by sending it somewhere?

    07-07-2015 08:27 AM
  2. can3gxw's Avatar
    Here's a "stupid" question - have you tried simply restarting your phone? I had almost this exact same problem a few months ago. When my phone was plugged into the OEM charger to the wall, it would charge but VERY slowly. I turned on a charging monitor (there's a "Galaxy Charging" or something like that in the Play Store) and saw that I was only getting about 200 mA to it... wha?????) I rebooted the phone and then voila - back to 1800 mA.

    Also try clearing the phone's cache by booting into recovery. Something might be stuck somewhere.
    07-07-2015 08:44 AM

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