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    Hello everyone!

    This damn phone is driving me crazy!

    I want to listen to music in a quick easy way but this phone just makes everything so damn complicated.

    Untill recently I was using an S3 and it worked well for me, but I fell off my bike which killed the poor bugger

    So I thought: "alright I really liked the Samsung take on the android OS, I'll bu another samsung"

    I didnt feel like foring out for an S6 as I dont really do anything advanced with my phone, so I got the S5.

    At first I liked the Google play music player, but after a while I realized it refused to show most of my music.

    For example, I have 4 albums from the same band, the music player finds 2 of them, one is only partial tho, and some of the songs are put in the "unknown artist" tab, and 2 complete albums are in that tab too, which I find very frustrating!

    I turned the wifi on today, which made the phone do some kind of update, which now means that its also managed to lose all of the album artwork for 90% of the songs that it recognize, again very frustrating..

    So I decided to give the standard music player a go, which works fine but its super slow to show the names of the song. It shows the album artwork but it takes it a good 5 or so seconds for it to show the title of the song and the artist.

    So what Im asking is: is there a secret trick to getting the google music player to recognize my music ( I have tried moving them to the phone and sd card with and without kies but to no avail) and does anyone know of a good music player that actually works on the S5?

    Thanks for reading!

    07-24-2015 01:47 PM

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