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    I just recently upgraded to the Galaxy 5 from the Galaxy 4. With my Galaxy 4 when my phone was in my work locker and I missed a call or text all I had to do was quickly reach in, pick up the phone and turn it over. If I had missed anything, it would vibrate. This was a quick way to tell if I had any missed calls or texts.

    Now with my Galaxy 5 I can not for the life of me find this feature. Did they remove it or something? Now I have to get the phone out of my locker, pull it out of the case, awaken it, and check the notifications. It was so much easier to just flip it over and feel (or not) the vibration. Thanks in advance. CC
    08-10-2015 11:14 AM
  2. ceg2966's Avatar
    Settings > Motions and Gestures > Smart Alert.
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    08-10-2015 05:03 PM
  3. CChamp's Avatar
    Thanks for the response. I checked that setting and that does indeed seem to be what I am looking for but that is already turned on and I still feel absolutely no vibration. I have checked everywhere possible to turn up the intensity and everything seems to be up. Is there a certain place where the intensity is for the Smart Alert? Thanks again, CC
    08-10-2015 11:45 PM
  4. ceg2966's Avatar
    Then maybe try Settings > Sound and Notification > Vibration Intensity > Haptic Feedback and move the slider up.
    08-11-2015 09:23 AM
  5. CChamp's Avatar
    I checked the intensity that you said and it is all the way up.
    08-11-2015 10:31 AM

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