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    i'm a new S5 user that came with 5.0 installed. So far I hate it, but i'm really wanting to like it. I was using an S3 with 4.x in stalled and just wanted a newer mordel phone. It wa avertised with 4.0 but out of the box it had/or was immediately updated to 5.0.
    The biggest frustration(s) I have are:
    1. The carrier name is up in my notifications area. Why? Can't get rid of it either!
    2. When on lock screen, I'm not getting any icons in the notification area at all. If I unlock the phone after hearing a tone/vibrate, there will be icons up there that I have received a text or email, or missed a call.
    3. The stock messaging app now has the time stamp directly INSIDE the text bubble - instead of beside/under it. Very annoying.
    I'm finding that the battery life is atrocious - and have slimmed down everything so much that its just not a pleasant user experience anymore.

    I should mention that I've only had this for 3 days and I'm ready to return it and go back to the S3 with 4.x.

    Anyone else experience these "shortcomings"?

    I've been thru the threads extensively, but I dont fina many references to my #2 issue - which is my biggest disppointment.
    Thanks in advance!
    08-17-2015 04:43 PM

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