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    Have a Samsung Galaxy S5....upgraded to a 16G microSD with no issues....now I have purchased a 32G microSD card. It is completely seated in the phone, I have formattedt the card, yet any pictures I take are saving to my phone instead of onto the new card? Why is this, and how can I correct this?
    Also, how do I get the pictures that saved to my phone, over onto the microSD card?
    08-29-2015 02:55 PM
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    Hi there,

    If you go to your camera app, hit the settings, and scroll down the list of options, you should see an option to save your pictures to either your memory card or your device storage. Select the memory card an you should be able to save all future pictures taken with your camera into your SD card! (See pic.)

    As for your other photos, you can either go to your files, and move all the things you want into your SD card or you could just open your gallery and move the pictures in that way.

    Hope this helps!

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    Attached Thumbnails Why are my pictures saving to my phone instead of my new microSD card?-screenshot_2015-08-29-12-17-19.jpg  
    08-29-2015 03:20 PM

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