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    I didn't see an official sticky for ROMs that work with the S5, but I was cautioned in my welcome thread that my handset might not play well with ROMs.

    I'm on the T-Mobile network for the United States. My handset often grows hot, and the battery drains too quickly, along with some other miscellaneous problems. My hope is that wiping the device and starting from a zeroed-out device will put me on the right track.

    There was a database posted at LifeHacker that didn't really help me. It showed a staggering amount of ROMs and features, and I'll admit to being a bit overwhelmed.

    What I would like is a recommendation for a new ROM that's lean and light. Something that will help keep my processor usage down, which I am guessing is what keeps my handset hot and my battery sapped. I use it for messaging with apps like Line and Skype heavily, as well as spending time on Reddit and Facebook. Occasionally, I'll poke at one of a few games I did install.

    On top of "lean and light" I'd love some granular control, if it's possible. Deciding which apps get automatically updated, and which I can do on-demand, as well as being able to decide individual permissions for apps, would be a real big plus for me. I've heard good words about Slim, but I see that they stopped building their mod with the Galaxy S4.

    Most appreciated for your patience with the new guy. Thanks.
    09-02-2015 08:37 PM

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