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    Okay this may sound strange (at least it is to me!) So please bare with me as I attempt to explain the issue I'm having.

    Started off today with my phone dying rather quickly compared to normal. Plugged the charge in in the kitchen by our microwave so I could hear it if it went off. Nothing out of the ordinary

    Unplug it at about 50% thinking I'd drain it back down before I went to bed. Was at 5% within the hour, which, is out of the ordinary, but, this isn't my main issue.

    My main issue:
    So I went to plug it in the livingroom, wouldn't charge, thought maybe I broke the charger so I borrowed by father's. Still wouldn't charge. Thought maybe it was the socket. Took it to my room, plugged it in, practically began seizing on itself (charging, not charging, charging, not charging, on and on, probably did it 3-5 times a second til I finally unplugged it). Went back to borrow my fathers, still doing it. Tryed my father's phone, his phone worked fine

    Now, here is where it gets weird
    I am sitting on the ground by the microwave with my phone charging in the same socket it was charging earlier with no problem

    Any ideas? Or preferably fixes?
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    11-07-2015 01:52 AM

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