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    Hey all, first time here, hopefully you all can help me. My wife and I just spent 2 weeks on vacation where she was happily snapping away millions of pics. She bought a new case for her Verizon S5, and in the process of swapping cases, somehow managed to factory reset her phone. So all of our vacation photos are gone. Her cloud storage is full, so nothing from the last 6 months was recoverable from the cloud.

    My questions is, is there a way to recover photos from a factory reset? I'll root it, or anything else I need to do. Please let me know, my wife is freaking out that all of our vaca pics are gone. Thank you in advance!
    11-10-2015 07:51 PM
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    The purpose of a factory reset is to ensure that nothing CAN be recovered. (That's what backups are for.)

    As for cloud storage, there are enough free cloud accounts that you could get a few petabytes for free. Use MEGA and you get 50GB free on a single account. (Each of you can get an account, so that's 100GB of free storage.)

    (You can't automatically sync to it, but you can back up any files you want to safeguard manually.)
    11-11-2015 03:36 AM

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