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    Hello, and thank you in advance for helping me out. Right now, I am freaking out to the extreme. I have a Samsung Galaxy s5, and today I decided to clean some of my files from the "My Files" application. Usually when I clean out the files, everything will be all fine and dandy, but recently (which means, 30 minutes ago), I tapped the "Device Storage." and I did something, and It processed and everything seemed to be fine, because usually when I clean something out , for instance"videos", "Audio." or "Documents.", my photos and such are still there. But when I came back from a quick errand, I went into gallery to see that ALL my photo albums were completely gone. they had vanished, and to where I have no clue. I do not have an sd card, but I do have micro SD Sim installed into my galaxy s5, and I know for a fact that everything in your phone is there for eternity whether or not you deleted it, so right now I need help on how to gain back ALL of my five albums filled with photos. Please help me out, because I am on the verge of breaking down in tears. Please and thank you .... Please help me out because I had some beautiful photos that I would hate to lose.
    11-28-2015 09:01 PM
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    Hi there,

    Sorry you're in this situation. First let's clear things out to avoid false hopes: Your files MIGHT not be there. Accidental or not, that's something that must be in your mind now. Sorry for the negativity, but it is what it is. It's common to think that deleting a file doesn't erase it from the memory, but that's not entirely true. It doesn't erase it...until something else comes along that overwrites it. If something has already written data in the same memory space where your pictures were, that old data is gone.

    Now, there are tools you can use to try to restore those deleted files, but again, it might not work on all files or none at all.

    Also, I STRONGLY suggest that you back up your pictures to a cloud service. Google Photos is free and won't count against your Drive quota for most pictures, so really no reason not to use it. The advantage there is that if you erase them from your phone, they're still there in the cloud. And even if you erase them from the cloud, they're still recoverable within 30 days from deletion.
    11-28-2015 09:17 PM

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