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    I've been transferring music from my computer to a 64GB SD card in my Samsung Galaxy S5 successfully for over a year with no problems but recently whenever I transfer songs across they appear to have transferred successfully and show up in the particular folder on the SD card, but when I disconnect the SD card and put it back in my phone the songs are missing and appear to have not transferred at all. This is the case so it seems when I put the SD card back into the PC - the songs have not transferred and have seemingly disappeared from the particular folder. It is not a memory capacity issue as I have 11GB free storage. I have tried formatting the SD card but keep getting an error message that the formatting was unsuccessful. Help would be greatly appreciated.
    11-30-2015 06:49 PM
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    If you're OK with formatting the card, put it in your phone and format it there. THAT will ensure that it gets formatted correctly for the S5 to see it.

    Connect the phone to your PC with the USB cable and use Windows explorer (or the file explorer in KIES) to copy the files.

    I have not run across this, but hopefully the card isn't going bad - possibly the card can't take the copies....? Transfer over a half dozen songs first and try to play them. It's entirely possible too that you need your phone to rescan the card to pick up the media. To do this, go into your settings > storage and "unmount" your SD Card. Wait a second for it to finish, then remount it. The phone should start scanning the contents and should pick up the music.

    Be careful also that you don't have a ".nomedia" file in your music folder. This tells the phone not to look there for music, audio, etc....

    Good luck!
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    12-01-2015 02:10 PM
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    Good advice from can3gxw. Also run SD Insight to make sure the card isn't counterfeit. A counterfeit card is smaller in capacity than advertised, but has been programmed to think it's bigger. It works fine until you exceed the actual capacity, after which things start to go haywire.
    12-01-2015 02:51 PM

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