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    I have lived in my house in southeastern NH now for about 8.5 years and have always had Verizon as my carrier.. Our 4G signal has been a between -110dbm to 106dbm. Not great but not much fluctuation.

    Within the past week or so I have noticed my signal increasing in strength to -90 to -88dbm.
    Then a few minutes later it would drop back to the -110dbm to 106dbm range. A few minutes it again jumps back up to the -90 to -88dbm range. This goes on all day.

    Both my wife and I have the Galaxy S5 with the latest firmware so I put them side by side and noticed that when my phone goes back down to the -110dbm to 106dbm range, hers stays at -90ish. Hers never fluctuates.

    It appears Verizon has somehow bumped up the strength in our area (We are literally in the sticks) and I am now thinking there is a problem with the radios in my phone though I have been in stronger 4G areas and did not see this fluctuation.

    At work I get a -99 to -101dbm range consistently.. a -2dbm fluctuation is not unusual but a -20dbm fluctuation is pretty huge. The issue at my house never happens at work.

    I thought it might be Verizon implementing the new Upper 700mhz "C" block freqs and that very well may be so but the S5 does not support those freqs so maybe they are also using new freqs that the S5 supports.. Hard to say.

    EDIT: forgot to mention, I have restarted my phone, Did a factory reset and switched from Global to LTE/CDMA and made sure the Access Point Name was Verizon Internet.. None of that helped..

    Anyone ever see this before? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    12-02-2015 10:12 AM

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