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    I'm using the stock email app to sync my exchange server emails. But lately my phone doesn't sync automatic when I receive a new email. This causes the phone not to make any push -or sound notifications.

    If I reboot my phone it start syncing for a while, and I receive notifications on new emails, but during the day it stops syncing automatic again. To get the sync back I have to reboot the phone again, or I have to go into the email app by myself and refresh the email. If I perform one of the two, the phone syncs for a while again.

    I have looked through a lot of threads, but I can't find any fix to this problem.
    The master sync is on at all times, also when the notifications doesn't show up. The app email notification settings are also active on both my accounts. The sync setting in the email app is also set as active.

    I'v done a factory reset of the phone, but the problem still persists. I also found a thread, the suggested that I should use the gmail app to sync my exhange emails. This works fine for a while, but every few days it removes my exchange accounts so that I have to set them up again. So the gmail app is also useless.

    I'm starting to get very frustrated with this situation, any suggestions for a fix will be very appreciated. Thx in advance

    My android version is 5.0 and I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S5
    12-02-2015 09:22 AM

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