1. spolonis06's Avatar
    Today I updated to the most recent update for my galaxy s5.
    Two issues have risen:

    1. For every notification -text-game update-FB MSG- It goes off twice. The first time it goes off normally, and then a minute later it does a single vibration. When sound is on, it sends the notification tone through twice the first time, and then does another notification a minute later. ALL SETTINGS THAT I HAD PREVIOUSLY RESTRICTED A DUPLICATED NOTIFICATION. I do not want my phone to be buzzing off the hook.

    2. My wallpaper (which is usually a photo from my album; I set it from the home screen usually) resets to the basic blue screen if an app closes **which has become more common as of one week ago**

    Any advice?
    03-15-2016 11:14 PM

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