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    I currently use the Verizon Messages+ app for texting and I LOVE the ability to send texts from my computer or tablet, however I have some problems that I feel like might be attributed to this app. I mainly use the desktop app (on Win 7 at work) or the Windows app (on Win 10 at home).

    One issue is if I'm texting from the phone itself it often sends my texts multiple times. This particularly happens if I've been texting a lot. For example last night I was having a convo with a friend and had been sending messages via my PC, we'd been texting back and forth for about 15 mins and at the end I told her it was bedtime and sent the message from my phone itself. When I view the convo on my phone I only see that last message 1x, however when I log in to the website or the desktop app it shows the message was sent 5x and my friend confirmed she received it 5x.
    Also, the phone gets delayed in receiving messages, again mainly if I've been sending/receiving a lot of texts. I'll get the message in the desktop app or whatever other location I'm texting from and then several minutes later the message will arrive on my phone. Also it sometimes takes a long time to send messages from my phone, both of these problems get even worse if it's a group text. The other day it was still receiving text messages about 30 mins after they'd already come through the desktop app.
    The final big issue I have is when doing a lot of texting (regardless of whether it's from the phone or another device) it really kills my battery, and the battery drain keeps happening even once I'm not sending messages. My phone also has battery issues in general which is one of the reasons I prefer to text from the PC or tablet, the battery is at least a little better when the screen stays off the whole time. So that's the main reason I'd prefer to be able to stick to using my PC or tablet for texting even if I get an app that works better on the phone itself.

    I'm not sure how many of these problems are app related and how many are phone related, I've thought about switching to the stock Messages app, or Hangouts app, and have switched to Messages briefly, but I end up missing the ability to text from other devices too much and have always gone back to Messages+ before long enough to really tell if the problem is the phone or Messages+ app. I'm a big fan of Hangouts in general and I know my husband really likes using that for texting so have thought about switching to that as well.

    Anyone have similar experiences, know if these are related to Messages+ or not? And if so, any suggestions for other texting apps that would allow messages to sync between my phone, PC, and tablet (or syncing apps so I could text from something like Messages or Hangouts on the phone and have them sync via another background app)?

    I've reset the phone but it doesn't seem to help.
    03-18-2016 08:03 AM
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    You may find these threads interesting...

    Messages vs Message+

    Verizon S5 - What messaging app you using?
    03-18-2016 08:18 AM
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    I had read Messages vs Message+ before, just looked through the other one. No one is really talking about other apps to sync which is my main question here, if anyone has experience with texting apps that will allow me to send/receive texts from my PC and tablet. I do see MightText mentioned in Messages vs Message+, I've used that before and had stopped due to the website being blocked at my old job but now that I'm no longer there I'll check that out again. I also see people saying that you can still use Messages+ on other devices even if it's not the default on your phone, and I have tried that before, however because the full convo doesn't make it into the other app (I think maybe messages I send via other devices don't show up on my phone?) I don't like that option. I want to be able to see the full conversation history on any of my devices.
    I'll check out MightyText again, but if anyone knows of any other apps that will sync messages within the app or sync messages from other texting apps I'd love more suggestions so I can try a few out.
    03-18-2016 08:46 AM
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    I use AirDroid with the stock Messages app. AirDroid offers a Windows program and web-based app. Messages sent from AirDroid are shown in the Messages app.
    03-18-2016 04:59 PM
  5. me10lee83's Avatar
    Thanks for the suggestion. I've been trying AirDroid since you suggested it yesterday, but it appears that it can't do MMS so that's a no-go for me. I'll have to do some research myself on texting from the web/PC I guess
    03-19-2016 11:03 AM
  6. me10lee83's Avatar
    Anyone have experience with Pushbullet or Yappy for text-syncing? Thoughts on them if so?
    03-21-2016 04:45 PM

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