1. Isabelleros's Avatar
    Sometimes when I open the Kids Mode widget the screen starts to flicker, sometimes it loads the kids mode screen and sometimes it just stays black. Restarting the system doesn't help, the only way I can fix it is by repeatedly tapping the Exit button until it pops up with the PIN screen and allows me to exit. Sometimes this can take 5-10 minutes.
    I tried Googling the issue and didn't find anything. Does anyone else have this problem?
    I'm on Sprint, Android version 5.0
    03-21-2016 12:25 AM
  2. Funkelschinken's Avatar
    I've got the same problem. Most of the times just restarting the system works for me. But if it doesn't your suggestion to keep tapping the exit button for a few minutes worked for me as well.
    04-09-2016 03:00 AM
  3. Wolfsv's Avatar
    I started having some issues and eventually went in the parental controls to download an update. Seems to be working well now.
    04-11-2016 06:26 PM

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