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    Yesterday I had a notification of 3 apps for update on Google play. The first updated as usual. The second reached over 50% and then started again from zero. This happened a couple of times and then the app said installing. It was stuck on installing and I couldn't stop it. An error 963 came up so I restarted it. Same thing happened.

    After another restart I moved the app back to hard drive and then updated without incident. The whole thing repeated itself with the last app. The first app that updated without incident was on hard drive.

    The same thing happened today with an update to my Netflix app. Had to move it back to hard drive to update. So it's obvious the SD card is screwed. My wife said why don't I move it back to SD after the update. Can you imagine for every app update restarting the phone, moving the app to hard drive, updating and moving back to SD? Not when there are almost weekly app updates.

    I feel a bit silly now whining about the Galaxy S6 with no SD card but in reality, SD cards are a second rate storage option. In reality, Samsung should make 64GB standard, (I actually did say this when the S6 came out), and charge moderately only for 128GB. Note that Samsung can make 256GB now so I stand by my idea with the proviso of being acceptable to charge considerably more for the 256GB version.

    I will never deal with an SD card again.
    03-22-2016 03:29 AM
  2. rokemsokem's Avatar
    Likely not your sd card that is the problem. See here... http://forums.androidcentral.com/and...ml#post5076464

    Every time I try to download an app in the app store it attempts to download the app twice consecutively and fails. And my sd card is perfectly fine.
    03-22-2016 03:49 AM
  3. BlackZeppelin's Avatar
    Not sure if that is correct. Why then do I have no problems with updating apps on hard drive?
    03-22-2016 04:04 AM
  4. rokemsokem's Avatar
    Why then do I have no problems with updating apps on hard drive?
    That's the million dollar question so far as I understand the problem to be. Updated/current build of Google Play Store doesn't have a problem writing to Internal storage on my GS5 either. Only sd cards so far as my experience has been lately. If I unmount my sd card, the apps install just fine. But then once I mount it, they won't install anymore unless I unmount it again. Or if I revert back to the factory version of Play Store, it'll work. But , then, Play Store just updates itself and the issue returns.

    Hard to say why this is happening given that Marshmallow is built for adoptive storage capability and the rest aren't yet. Could be something to do with the way that the updated/current build of Google Play Store writes to sd cards now and maybe that is why it is all quirky until everyone is on the same page/system (which they never really will be). Plus Samsung doesn't support it anyway even if that is what is causing it.

    That's only a guess on my part, though. And I'm kind of a noob anyway.

    If you put your sd card in another device and check it, though, I'm fairly sure that it'd work just fine if you tried to write to it. Try it and see.
    03-22-2016 04:17 AM
  5. BlackZeppelin's Avatar
    Well thanks for that. I have moved all my apps back to SD in any case and still have over 7GB left. I will make sure my next phone is 64GB hard drive so as not to bother with SD cards again. But regardless, apps run best on hard drive where I will leave them there.
    03-22-2016 04:25 AM
  6. rokemsokem's Avatar
    Yeah, sd cards go bad eventually anyway. That'll be a problem down the road when a card goes bad and it is encrypted by the operating system and being "adopted" as internal storage. It's an interesting scenario.

    If I ever went straight internal/hardware storage device, I'd go 128gb, though.

    Of course, I could be wrong about what is happening. I'm just guessing by way of experimenting and process of elimination.

    Seems kind of ironic that a lot of people are suddenly having the issue during transition to adoptive storage capability being added to android. Certainly, Google Play Store would have to be compatible in all android environments in terms of where it is directed to write. Perhaps Play Store is just ahead of our operating systems at the moment and maybe that's why they aren't in a hurry to solve it. Maybe it isn't necessarily a problem so much as a circumstance of timing during the new OS releases. Again, I'm just guessing.

    Ah well. Off to work. Good luck.
    03-22-2016 04:34 AM
  7. BlackZeppelin's Avatar
    SD cards are great for things like photos, videos and music. I don't think they were ever designed to run apps like a de facto hard drive. However saying that, my Google photos app was on SD and again, would not update until moved back to hard drive.

    I think SD cards are going the way of removable batteries. Honestly, when these flagship phones are over a $1000 here in Australia, I think 64GB should be standard and the 128GB version should be reasonably priced over. Not like iPhones that vary $500 between the lowest and highest tiers storage.

    I think Samsung could have gotten away not having an SD card in the S6 if the base was 64GB. Especially when hard drives work a lot better and much more reliably.
    03-22-2016 05:12 AM
  8. BlurryEyed's Avatar
    I had this issue and was not about to move all my apps to 16GB of internal storage.

    I uninstalled the Google Play Store updates and problem solved.

    Posted from AC on Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900V
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    03-22-2016 12:01 PM
  9. sdeeter19555's Avatar
    I had the same thing happening on three Samsung devices (an S5, an S6, and a Tab A)...uninstalled the play store updates and things worked better (still not 100% though).
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    03-22-2016 02:06 PM
  10. Rukbat's Avatar
    I think Samsung could have gotten away not having an SD card in the S6 if the base was 64GB. Especially when hard drives work a lot better and much more reliably.
    1. You can boot from an SD card, you can't if there's no slot for one.

    2. There's no "hard drive" in a phone, it's just eMMC memory. Android, however, was never designed to run apps from external storage. (Don't ask me why - Linux can be configured to run any app from any storage.)
    03-22-2016 03:10 PM

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