1. scrubofthegalaxy's Avatar
    Bricked my sodding phone tonight.

    Went out to the big blue box of hell and grabbed a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. SIM says invalid, and I can't connect to my TMO network or account.

    Will a SIM from a Galaxy S5 work in any other phone? Like, you know, a Samsung Galaxy line phone?
    03-22-2016 11:24 PM
  2. the tall guy's Avatar
    Hi, the phone would need to be carrier unlocked or a T-Mobile phone in order for a T-Mobile sim to work.
    03-23-2016 04:01 AM
  3. scrubofthegalaxy's Avatar
    And pre-paid phones aren't necessarily unlocked, I'm guessing, after my experience last night?
    03-23-2016 07:37 AM

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