1. TB-1599's Avatar
    I want to try my hand at youtube reviews and I am trying to find an external mic for my GS5. This is just to try out to see if I like doing it. So I dont want to invest to much money... I am looking for a boom (or shotgun style mic) Does anybody have any leads?
    03-24-2016 09:07 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    A shotgun mice for not much money? You tell me where they sell Porsches for less than $1,000 new and I'll tell you where to get $50 (junk quality) or $500 (decent quality) mics cheaply.

    A cheap condenser mic cartridge? Sure. They're about US$1. A cheap shotgun mic? The housing for a good one is probably a few hundred dollars of aluminum casting.
    03-24-2016 10:15 PM
  3. TB-1599's Avatar
    Ok sarcasim not needed LOL. I guess I should have said shotgun design.

    Kinda like this.

    I am totally new to the review scene I am just looking for something. To start off with. If I decided to stick with it then I can invest in something more expensive..
    03-24-2016 11:27 PM

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