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    Saw this article today in the dutch newspaper: Nederlandse politieagenten klagen over Samsung Galaxy S5-diensttelefoon - Tablets en telefoons - Nieuws - Tweakers

    As it is in Dutch here is the translation via google translate.

    Dutch police complaining about Samsung Galaxy S5 phone service
    By Julian Huijbregts, Thursday, April 21, 2016 09:37, 300 comments • Feedback

    Companies face problems with the service smartphone that they have been in use since the end of 2015. The Samsung Galaxy S5 would be slow and the police app would often jam. Companies would therefore sometimes use WhatsApp to send around photos of suspects.

    Several agents and spokesman Ronald Pronk police union ANPV tell their story in front of the newspaper. Agents say that they get a phone that actually is outdated. The smartphone is developed by the Police Mobile More effective on Street software or MEOS.

    The system should speed up the issuance of fines, but that is not always the case. The police officers app can add a photo proof, but in doing so sometimes the system crashes. According to Pronk agents therefore use more often private setting on their phone. "Constables sometimes send a photo of a suspect around via their personal WhatsApp because it does not work through the police app." The officers would do to warn their colleagues quickly, although it is not allowed.

    Despite the problems, the spokesman of the police union recognizes that the smartphone also offers advantages. There can be retrieved much more information than before. A spokesman for the National Police informs the AD that the symptoms are known and to hear such problems in a system that is under development. In recent months, 565,000 surveys were done through the system. In 7300 cases that would have resulted in an error message, or in 1.3 per cent of the cases. The spokesman says that was the reaction time in the past four months on average between three and four seconds.

    The complaints relate not only to the special police app, which through interference 'now and then' failure, but also the battery life of the smartphone. An agent tells the newspaper that his service mobile was empty after half a service, when he first got the device. By taking advantage of "all kinds of tricks' to save energy he can now serve with a day shift. The police spokesman says that it is a matter of "smart deal" with the device. He claims that leave open many apps would be negative for the battery life.

    The Samsung Galaxy S5 was introduced late last year as phone service. Currently, 22,000 agents have the smartphone. In the coming summer, all 33,000 officers are equipped with the device. The phones are logged remotely and after losing it can be cleared within ten minutes away, so the police let you know. This should prevent sensitive police information be on the streets.
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    04-22-2016 03:35 AM
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    That sounds as though the Galaxy S5 has been heavily modified by the Dutch police and badly so. It is no different to the problems that are incurred by AT&T and Verizon when they try to heavily modify and muck about with the OS and system apps etc: I suggest that the Dutch police get themselves a new software developer.
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    04-22-2016 05:03 AM

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