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    It started out when i would text it would send the same text 5-6 times in a row then a few hours later it would send that same text 2-3 times again, then I would text something like "I don't know" and the person I was texting would get "OK it don't matter".. then it would just randomly call people out of contacts but didn't register on my phone. Tried to download a couple game from Google play store and it won't let me, it says Google play service has closed app.. it cleared some apps off under application like Android system it replaced with com.Google.gcm.android and other apps it replaced like that, all of them had "gcm or gms" in it.. The gcm part from what I read wasn't a good thing.
    04-22-2016 10:19 PM
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    Please continue this discussion in your other thread, rather than starting a new one. Thanks! http://forums.androidcentral.com/sam...amsung-s5.html

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    04-24-2016 01:24 AM

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