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    Hello All,

    I've been wondering this for a long time now, and now that my provider (US Cellular) has allowed me to upgrade to Marshmallow on my Samsung Galaxy S5, I hoped my issue would finally be resolved, but it has not been completely fixed.

    I cannot recall on what update (or what change of phone) did the feature disappear, but I do know that at some point, I was able to adjust the volume and ringtone for Text Messaging Completely Independently of the overall notification volume. At some point, the two were combined into one, and became unfortunately inseparable. I would be able to adjust the volume for them both simultaneously, but what I really wanted was to stop having my phone go off with my text messaging ringtone every time a mobile game wants me to come play or every time I get another email. It has gotten annoying to the point that I prefer to have my notification volume on silent.

    Fortunately, while digging around in my settings again after the Marshmallow Update, I was able to find under "Settings->Sounds and Notifications->Other Sounds->Messages", a field that allowed me to change the notification sound for messages to a different noise than all other notifications. I haven't the slightest idea in which update that was added, but at least now I can set all notifications to the short, quiet beep and let my messaging be a completely different sound. I still find fault in the fact that the volume for the two is linked together, as I would like to be able to hear my message tone much more easily without worrying about disturbing everybody with other notification sounds.

    If this is not something that is able to be done on current Android Systems, the I would be ecstatic if it would be an added feature in another update soon! Though I realize this is not an official forum, I can dream, right?

    Sorry for the rant, and thanks for reading!

    05-08-2016 11:17 AM

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