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    Hey all,

    I have the S5 G900F and I live in NJ. I bought this specific S5 model because while I was doing my research on buying a S5, I read that the regular US model didn't have some of the bands that the G900F has. So, I bought that one.

    I've been noticing that when I'm driving, sometimes the voice to text analyzer doesn't work so well. This has happened when I am on H and H+ with a good amount of bars. I am on the AT&T network. If I dictate a text or even ask Google to do a search or a simple command, it can take 30 seconds to process or just get hung up all together.

    My phone is on the CM12 version. It came this way from the previous owner.

    Am I experiencing these issues because I'm on the non-US model S5 or is it simply because the area I'm in has a bad network connection sometimes? I didn't think the CM12 mod had anything to do with this issue.

    I welcome any kind of advice.

    Thank you!
    05-08-2016 11:47 AM

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