1. amodeo493's Avatar
    hi, i have a galaxy s5 and am having some issues after trying to update the faebook app. i picked update on google play store and it updated, then i tried to open the app and it said it wasnt intsalled! so i tried again,didnt work, then went to the play store again and tried to reinstall it. as it was downloading my phone restarted out of nowhere and started to reboot. after going through the gs5 loading screen for the phone it started doing the optimizing apps 1 of 1 thing (obviously optimizing facebook), but after a few seconds of the optimizing app screen the phone restarted and this is the circle its stuck in now. every time i turn it on it does the same thing! it is clearly facebook glitching it out but i dont know how to get past the optimizing apps screen to delete it.can someone help!

    note: i was trying to update fb to try and get past the bull**** block they put on my account for no reason whatsoever. they stated that i posted nude photos of someone under 18 and i literally have done nothing even remotely close to this! i dont post **** like that so i dont know why they did what they did. reason im telling you this is maybe it is stopping facebook from updating and is causing my phone to restart because i couldnt even use faebook to make an account on this website. again any allegations made against me are completely absurd. im 23 and a respectful 23 year old at that.
    05-29-2016 09:59 AM
  2. Coach013's Avatar
    Best advice go to your local samsung dealer / agent, let them do the update to your phone and to shed more information on black screen issues, if you anyone else has it, when you try all the fixes that samsung recommends, it is your phone screen has a wire like on a laptop that plugs in. i just went to samsung 837 in New York city to have my Galaxy 5s repaired.
    05-29-2016 08:16 PM

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