1. Rose Quintilian's Avatar
    I believe the update on my Galaxy S5 has caused a problem with the USB connection to my PC. It now shows that it's empty. Drivers are current.
    06-14-2016 11:07 AM
  2. can3gxw's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central Forums!

    I have seen the exact same thing. What are you doing, exactly? I bet you are:

    1) plugging in your phone
    2) Windows 10 grabs the phone and immediately opens the explorer window, which is completely blank

    Close that window when it opens, and go through Windows Explorer (just find your phone in the left hand list) and click on it. You will see it appear then. NO FRIKKEN CLUE why Windows 10 doesn't do it right the first time, but you SHOULD see it if you close it and manually re-open it.
    06-14-2016 11:15 AM
  3. Rose Quintilian's Avatar
    It opens some photo viewing program initially which says there is nothing to import. I tried opening the folder directly, going through file explorer, etc. It always says empty.
    06-14-2016 02:00 PM
  4. can3gxw's Avatar
    When you connect your phone, swipe down from the notification shade and look for the one that says something like "connected as a media device - touch for other USB options"

    Make sure this is set as "Transferring media files" (or MTP).
    06-14-2016 04:44 PM
  5. Rose Quintilian's Avatar
    None of the wording, but swiping down the notification panel got me there. Many thanks!!! USB connection now shows blank folders, Updated, with PC Win 10-screenshot_2016-06-14-19-27-36.jpg USB connection now shows blank folders, Updated, with PC Win 10-screenshot_2016-06-14-18-50-20.jpg
    can3gxw likes this.
    06-14-2016 06:32 PM
  6. can3gxw's Avatar
    Awesome. Glad you got it sorted out.
    06-14-2016 07:41 PM

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