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    We are new to the smartphone market and would like to hear likes/dislikes on defender and commuter cases by otterbox. I am using a commuter with zagg invisible shield tempered glass protector and have been very happy. My phlne is usually I my purse. My husband has been using a defender. (also has zagg) He doesn't use the beltclip too much. In just a few weeks, It seems to have collected a LOT of pocket dust under the defender screen protector which is ugly. I wouldn't think this is good. He isn't sold on the defender bulkiness, either. He works in an office environment. Thinking of returning defender and getting him a commuter. Any thoughts or comments. Thanks...a couple of newbies.
    06-23-2016 11:51 PM
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    I would use both the defender and commuter otterbox when I had my S5. I like the defender case because it is more protective against drops the the commuter case. And I would take the defender case off once a week to clean the screen protector from lint and other things that would get caught under the built in screen protector. Both are great cases.

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    08-14-2016 07:29 PM

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