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    My daughter has a Galaxy S5 that was dropped in water and now the screen doesn't work. Everything else seems to be ok though. If it doesn't get better, I was going to get her a new phone (she has been having problems with it restarting). We have at&t but don't want at&t next so would have to buy the phone outright.

    I was looking at all of the Galaxy phones - S7, S6 and S5 and included all models like Active, Edge, Edge+ and regular Galaxy. I'm not sure which one to get for her. I just want to get her a decent phone at a good price. Which one of these phones would you pick?



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    07-06-2016 05:31 PM
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    Take a look at the new OnePlus 3 at only US$399.

    Time-saver edition
    OnePlus 3 review

    07-06-2016 05:47 PM

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