12-03-2018 11:22 AM
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  1. Luca Gentile's Avatar
    Has anyone tried to replace the battery?
    06-28-2017 07:23 AM
  2. RumbleKingston's Avatar
    Just chiming in to say I've also had the same problem for a few months now (can't afford new phone) and have tried everything. I had the original Galaxy and the 3 & never had an issue. Pity to know the 5 is just ****. Thanks wec123 for all of your efforts and posting, i was really hoping you'd find a solution.
    07-01-2017 08:48 PM
  3. Tjmoore426's Avatar
    Has anyone tried putting a custom ROM on their phones? Clockwork mods are good. There are others that are just as good. Up until I got my note 8, I ran custom roms on all my phones. The phone software is different for each phone model as well as for different carriers of the same phone model. It could be an issue with the carriers build. Trying a custom ROM will likely bring a brand new life to your phone. If the issues remain then the cause falls back to hardware. The cache partition could damaged. The processor could be faulty. There are numerous possibilities. For a custom ROM do the research on https://forum.xda-developers.com/ . Find a lite version, with minimal apps and add ons. Good luck to you all
    02-14-2018 06:51 PM
  4. qw5er5's Avatar
    Same thing happened to my phone. It shuts down suddenly as if I shut down my phone manually. First samsung logo appears on the screeen. Then the phone turns off.

    I did the hard wipe. factory reset. change the battery. nothing worked.

    There was no problem with the previous firmware, but the latest one came with lots of problems.

    Most probably the phone is not compatible perfectly with the latest firmware. and my s5's warranty is over.

    I could find no solution..
    12-03-2018 11:22 AM
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