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    Generally ... got BT-Audio working in my car but suspect the app
    might be limiting the ability to browse folders from the car controls?
    Not sure.

    Android to BT Audio on 2015 Forester-musicapp.jpg

    Does anyone have any ideas that might help?

    Please see my post from the Subaru forum where I get into much more detail, below.

    Hi there,
    I've got a 2015 Forester and a Samsung Galaxy S5 (Android)
    No problem pairing for phone and very basic BT Audio but so far but it 'appears' to be not nearly as advanced as the USB audio.
    Might be the app I'm using on the phone (?) but wanted to make sure it's not the Forester first, before looking for and other app.

    This isn't about streaming audio from a service. It's about playing my own audio (all .mp3) stored on the phone.

    Is the 2015 Forester BT-Audio as functional as the USB audio or is it limited?

    USB audio works great as long as folders are properly named and .mp3s are properly tagged.
    I'm able to switch folders with the buttons under the display, bounce around in that folder from the steering wheel,
    and able to find anything on the USB stick that I want to hear and everything is in the order I want it to be in.

    I just got the Samsung Galaxy S5 (G900A - AT&T - Android "Lollipop") and a basic test of BT-Audio,
    i.e. 8 songs in 1 folder using what seems to be the default music app, (no screenshot allowed because I'm new)
    which is a white circle with a light blue rim and a light green 8th note in it and it's called "Music" ... (no other info. that I can find)
    ... the basic test was good.
    I was able to play the 8 songs and make selections from the steering wheel just like USB audio.

    So, I figured I'd just copy the USB stick audio (about 25 different folders) into my main audio folder on the SD card on the phone
    make a few playlists and try it out.

    Forester isn't happy with this setup it seems, because I can't change folders with the car controls,
    only on the phone. Forester also doesn't see the playlists.

    Once I change to a folder on the phone I can get all of the audio in that folder and bounce from song to song,
    but I can't change folders with the car controls.

    If anyone is sucessfully using BT-Audio with a 2015 Forester stock radio,
    from an Android phone and you can use folders for each artist or performance,
    then please tell me what app you're using on the phone?

    Any and all comments, questions or discussion is very welcome.

    Thank you!

    07-17-2016 05:31 PM
  2. Steve_Karl's Avatar

    OK to make it more simple, what is your favorite Music Player to use with BT-audio in your car?

    07-27-2016 07:15 PM

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