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    My SM-G900W8 is an unlocked Fido GSM device. It is the Canadian variant of the device. I'm content with it. It's an okay trinket. I do not, however, live in Canada. Mainly because it's freaking cold all the time but that's beside the point, I suppose. It is a pretty place from picture pages that I've seen on the Internet, though. Anyway, I live in the U.S. where our politicians are gradually eroding the fundamental principles of Individual Liberty much to the gleeful cheer of our people and I have a Straight Talk sim operating on the AT&T network. Notification of the update, much to my surprise, showed up on my notification bar, so I downloaded it and installed it. It was a 26mb download. With the exception of the security update, I don't know what, if anything else, was part of the update. It did, for some reason that is unknown to me, delete my Access Point Names completely. So, then, I had to reinstall them. There was also a little red "1" on top of my settings icon after the download, reboot, update installation and final boot. When I opened the settings app, there was a dialogue box telling me to click on it to check for updates. Which I did. It checked and responded that there was not an update available. Then the little red "1" on my settings icon went away. Then I rebooted again and cleared the cache partition. I'm going to make some pancakes now. Ironically, I do happen to have a jar of pure Canadian Maple syrup. It's good stuff.

    That is all.

    07-27-2016 03:11 AM

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