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    Some time ago I had posted about SMS Alerts from E-Mail addresses being recognized by the Default Messaging App.

    I can use this feature in the VZ Messages + app, but to be honest, that app is slow....

    Has the ability to use a custom alert in an SMS been added for "from email address"? I can't imagine that more people are not looking for this feature today with all the automated alerts that one can receive via email address....

    I have considered going back to my S5, but I hold off as my other phone does text messaging the way I want...other than that, I am not married to any one system.

    I did try other apps for SMS, but, they would eventually slow down the phone, etc.

    Anyway, if anyone knows, let me know. Thanks.
    08-12-2016 03:49 PM
  2. slingshot202's Avatar
    Subject should read Custom - Some reason I keep typing customer!!
    08-12-2016 03:49 PM

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