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    I have a question about fingerprint security. I have read how fingerprints can be lifted off the screen by various methods. In general, the swipe fingerprint scanner of the S5 and Note 4 has been generally dissed as inferior to the press and hold of all other readers, (even though I disagree. I love the swipe scanner and it works extremely reliably unlike the general consensus).

    However, wouldn't a swipe fingerprint scanner offer much greater security? Think about it. When you press and hold for a finger scanner, you leave a perfectly preserved fingerprint on the screen that can be lifted. When you swipe for a fingerprint scan, all you leave is a runny smudge.

    Would this be correct? I imagine a swiping motion leaves far less of a recognisable imprint than press and hold and hence far more secure.
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    08-14-2016 07:49 AM

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