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    Hi Everyone,

    I sincerely apologize if my question is alluded to in another thread, but it takes me 3 hours to to find a thread that has my question, and when I finally find it, it's unresolved so...

    My Samsung android has a built-in email thing (I don't know how it's referred to...possibly similar to an outlook express-ish type of deal.)

    In any event, starting about 10 hours ago, this email thing, stopped receiving forwarded emails. It happens to be a Gmail account that it's not receiving from, but I haven't tested other accounts.

    I did, however, check a couple of things, before I asked my question here, so as not to be a jerk...
    I confirmed that my Gmail and Centurylink forwarding were correctly set up.
    And I sent test emails to my gmail, to see what would happen.
    On my desktop, the Gmail forwards to Centurylink and ultimately into my outlook express.

    So, to me, it looks like this problem is specific to my built-in email thing, since that's the only thing not doing its job.

    Normally, if an app isn't working properly, I re-install it and that clears it up, but I don't think I can do that with this built-in email thing.

    My thoughts are probably wrong, so any knowledge or answer will be appreciated.

    After writing this, I noticed that it says 'last updated 1:30 PM' (which is 10 hours ago.)

    So I think that if I can find a way to update it, then I should be good.

    I found a thread that said to go to data usage settings check sync always, but it didn't fix my problem.
    08-27-2016 12:17 AM
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    Figured it out...
    Have to remove email account and then put it back.
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    08-27-2016 01:22 AM

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