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    I've seen this problem floating around on the forums before, but none were quite like mine and I want to see if anyone has a solution. So I bought a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S5 over a month ago. I stuck the 8gb sandisk card from my old phone into it and had no problems. I was able to view the pictures stored on there as well as listen to the music. I noticed that my phone storage was getting full so I decided to move some apps over to the SD card, only my phone was saying there was insufficient storage. None of the pictures I had taken were saved to the SD card either even though they should have been. I looked and had about 5gb left on the card. I took the card out of the phone and opened it on the computer and everything looked to be fine. I removed all the photos and music, stored them on my computer, and put the card back into the phone. A notification popped up saying the card was blank which made sense to me but it would not let me put anything onto the card and every time I tried to mount it or format it, the phone said the card was corrupted. I put it into my computer, ran check disk, formatted it on the computer with fat32, but nothing changed. So I found a 2gb card, put that into the phone and pretty much had the same issues only the phone was saying the card was unsupported. So I bought a 64 gb samsung card, loaded it into the phone and I'm still getting the unsupported error. The phone prompts me to format the card but it quits at 20% and says something along the lines of "command '87 volume partition disk: 179, 64 public' failed with 400 92 command failed". The numbers in that error message change though. Sometimes I can take it out and put the 8gb card in and it'll act like everything is fine, but it will not let me move files to the card. If I unmount it and remount it, the phone registers it as corrupted. I have tested all cards in the computer as well as in my old phone and they're all perfectly functioning. I can't tell if the phone's card reader is just dead or if it's a firmware or software issue.

    Things I have done to try to fix it.
    1. cleaned out the sd card slot
    2. Inserted the card without the sim card underneath it
    3. Updated my phone from 5.0 to 6.0.1
    4. Performed a factory reset.
    5. Formatted the card on my PC, both quick and slow formats. exfat for the larger card, fat32 for the smaller cards

    My next step is to attempt to get it repaired, but since the phone doesn't have a warranty, I really don't want to.

    Is there any known fixes? I'm willing to root my phone if flashing something to it might fix the issue. I can't live with just the measly 16gb internal storage.
    09-13-2016 07:06 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! Moved to the S5 forum.

    Try reinstalling the firmware using either Smart Switch (SmartSwitch: Install & update or replace firmware) or Odin (http://forums.androidcentral.com/amb...interface.html).
    09-14-2016 01:13 PM

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