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    In an attempt to help others understand how and why wifi signals function.. it's best that everyone research what type of signal your wifi uses or the type of frequency it uses. Your smart phone typically used to frequencies to connect to a wifi network.

    If you're using wifi in your home, the best possible place to acquire a great signal it actually sit near the modem etc. However and when one moves around the home, the signal can become stronger or weaker based on wall locations and obstacles.. Take for instance.. the heavy metal refrigerator.. this is a blocked zone which the wifi can not penetrate. Knowing this.. I would try to avoid areas in your home that can block the wifi/wireless signal.

    On the other hand.. not everything is perfect.. or created to last.. signals can be effected by "other" sources in and around you home.. the occasional hack could wonder past your door etc and tab into your system and what about the occasional signal loss direct from your provider. Again, nothing's perfect or even permanent.. if you want perfect or permanent.. then you may have to resort to a satellite signal.. pure direct, but this will cost those interested dearly. So blaming the phone might help, more over blaming your service provider would be more logical.

    So how do we avoid the ups and down of a strange wifi type network even while we're paying a service provider?.. Ideally one should research mobile hotspot.. these are device which you have full control (to some degree) These mobile hotspot can be taken nearly anywhere you travel and this is your connecting to your favor web sites. But again you're relying on this service to be accurate and within a timely manor.

    Generally, no one can have a perfect connection simply because the signal is airborne and floating around out there and you just happen to walk into it or past it.. Then there's the issue of network security.. things change based on current issues with our world.. finding an open line of communication isn't as easy as it was several years ago.. Companies and wifi service are imposing stricter rules which allow or deny wifi seeker access to their networks..

    Think about it.. you enter you favorite shop where you've always had a great signal, only to find out that the network IT guy has closed door on your connection.. who knows why, maybe the host of the network doesn't like that you're using his/her network to advertise something political or racially motivated etc.. which is within their right to close to door on your connection.. thats life and nothings permanent..

    So when you log the forums and ask why doesn't my wifi work.. it could be something as simple turning it back on after it was turned off.. or something a bit more complicated which you or I have no control over.
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    Well put
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