1. awormus's Avatar
    I have a TMobile S5 which has never has only ever had the standard set of OTA updates, yesterday after a series of updates rebooted and went into a boot loop.

    The Samsung Galaxy S5 logo flashes for a second, there is some haptic feedback, then it goes black and loops. This does not happen when it's plugged into my computer's USB. It will just stay frozen on the S5 logo. I am not able to enter recovery mode, it flashes the blue "Recovery booting..." and then goes back into the loop.

    I installed odin 3.12.3 and reset the firmware with G900TUVS1GPG2_G900TTMB1GPG2_TMB firmware, and it looked like everything worked, but then when I reboot after it just falls into the same boot loop.

    I tried with Android 5 and reset the firmware with G900TUVS1FOL1_G900TTMB1FOL1_TMB firmware, with the same result.

    Does anyone seen this or do you have any ideas for how I can diagnose the issue?
    09-18-2016 06:58 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! If you have a Best Buy near you, try bringing the phone to the Samsung Experience rep and see if they can help you reflash the firmware.
    09-19-2016 02:01 AM
  3. awormus's Avatar
    Thanks, I took it to the T-Mobile store twice and each technician played with it for 5 minutes, took it into the back room for a minute and then gave up.

    Will try Best Buy. Thanks
    09-20-2016 12:08 PM
  4. ironass's Avatar
    Just for the hell of it, try flashing the previous stock build for the T-Mobile, G900T, model on Marshmallow... see if that will boot you.

    Model SM-G900T
    Model name GALAXY S5
    Country USA (T-Mobile)
    Version Android 6.0.1
    Changelist 7500527
    Build date Thu, 05 May 2016 07:17:09 +0000
    Security Patch Level 2016-05-01
    Product code TMB

    Follow the instructions and video contained in the links of #1.11 of 42 Galaxy S5 models - Dummies Guide
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    09-20-2016 12:49 PM

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