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    Yesterday, I went to get into my phone (Samsung Galaxy s5) by using my swipe pattern but it wouldn't work. (No one had access to my phone prior to this incident.) I was only able to get into my phone by signing into Google, and afterwards I went in to set up a password (because I couldn't remember mine). After I did this and set my phone down, all of a sudden, after picking my phone back up to get into it, every option I previously had to be able to lock my phone in any way (except for swipe) disappeared. I now have no ability to lock my phone, all I have is "swipe screen to unlock". If I try to go in and do anything to the swipe option (the only option available under "lock screen"), it requires me to use a password and no password I enter works.

    I was reading other threads and some mentioned, for other, somewhat similar issues, to go in and clear credentials, but on my phone that option is greyed out.

    09-30-2016 04:46 AM
  2. jrwarhawk's Avatar
    I was, thankfully, able to solve my problem by resetting my password through the online Android Device Manager. https://www.google.com/android/devicemanager

    Hopefully it's a permanent solution.
    09-30-2016 05:06 AM

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