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    I'm using the S5 Duo's (XSG). Every since I upgraded to Marshmallow, call recording apps had issues, even paid apps like Total Recall for S5/S7 had hit and miss issues with recordings (sometimes one side would fail to record after connect and then disconnecting a Bluetooth headset etc.). So I downgraded back to Lollipop. Samsung has been pushing out security patches for the S5 and S5 Duo's. Has Samsung fixed recording issues inside those updates?

    Also I heard that the internal service menu which allows people to select LTE only mode etc. can be accessed through a different code... that being the access code after Q "000)" works instead of the "0000". Can anyone confirm this? (*#0011# -> Key Input -> Q -> Key Input -> "000)" )
    10-15-2016 01:17 PM

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