1. Lilynitestorm's Avatar
    I bought myself a refurbished S5 in May 2016. A few wks ago it stoped operating properly. It's a Verizon phone but bcuz I bought it crim Ebay and not directly from Verizon, they won't insure it. So if I can't figure a way to fix it, I'm screwed cuz I'm disabled and on a fixed income. Here's what's going on...

    Overnight the battery stopped turbo charging, it gets real hot, and it won't hold a charge long at all. I figured that was a battery issue bcuz I always clean my cache, delete unnecessary files and keep CM Cleaner and Clean Master on my phone to help with maintenence. So I bought some new batteries and charging cords. Neither battery works with the phone and I made sure it was compatible! One battery is a basic OEM Samsung battery and the other is a longer-lasting battery made by a different company. I made sure the charging cord and plug piece were Samsung as well. None of it helped or made a difference!
    A tried contacting Verizon and the one guy I talked to (who was on live chat) said he thought it sounded like a hardware or software issue. I don't know if my phone automatically upgraded to the new OS or what but I dI'd accidentally factory reset the stupid phone and it STI'LL didn't help! I'm at a loss really.
    I'm wheelchair bound and on a fixed income so I can't afford a new (or new refurbished) phone. It keeps me contact with my care providers and without it I could actually be in danger. Naturally when you tell the multimillion & billion dollar companies this, they don't give a ****!
    So if any of you think you can help me I'd appreciate it! Any ideas, anything, please!

    Thanks alot!
    10-19-2016 06:12 PM
  2. Crabby Abie The Queen T-Flo's Avatar
    Try contacting the ebay seller. As a former owner of an s5, id say that what ur experiencing is just weird. It might be the hardware. But if it was refurb, maybe the previous owner rooted it. Try searching the PlayStore for ROOT CHECKER. it might have been unrooted. Also, try checking if you have software update, check settings for your phone update, if it says warning message that you cannot update because so and so, then chances are it has been rooted and owner removed the root before selling it. I cant think of anything more since you already bought batteries. Sorry, i hope ur phone gets fixed.
    10-19-2016 08:41 PM

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