1. mario24601's Avatar
    Just got my S5 g900f! It's on 5.0, I want to load CM. Should I leave on 5.0 or upgrade to 6.0.1? Does it make difference?
    11-03-2016 01:03 AM
  2. ironass's Avatar
    You should upgrade to the latest stock Samsung firmware possible for your model of phone, CSC and Product codes, before installing CM. Flashing a stock firmware will un-root you and you will need to re-root again and install a custom recovery, (TWRP), before Factory Data Resetting your phone and installing CM. For rooting information or further help, see the Root section of the forum for the Galaxy S5... Samsung Galaxy S5 Rooting, ROMs & Hacks
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    11-03-2016 02:36 AM
  3. mario24601's Avatar
    Thanks all for the help. Rooted it, installed TWRP, then installed CM13 and gapps. So far do great. Everything seems very smooth. This is still a capable phone isn't it?
    11-04-2016 01:11 AM

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