1. KenWK's Avatar
    For a while now maps had been having a hard time getting the rout. It searches and finds things just fine, but many times when it tries to find the rout I get "Can't connect to Maps. try again in a few minutes."

    It seems to work 1st time perfectly after a restart, but after that sometimes not at all.

    Maps version 9.40.2, Android 6.0.1.

    And yeah, I know, time to upgrade. But that is the ONLY issue I've got, everything else is fine! ;o)

    Thanks for any help
    11-05-2016 10:36 AM
  2. Tim1954's Avatar
    I used Here in my S5, great nav app... Try preloading your maps and using offline.. You may just have connection issues with network in your routes...
    ironass likes this.
    11-05-2016 11:17 AM

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