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    Hello guys, how have you been?

    I have been looking a lot for the solution to my problem, I would apreciate a lot if you guys could help me.

    I had an Android 5.0 Stock Rom and I could chose the option ''Force LTE'' at my network section. However, I upgraded it
    to the Android 6.0, that I haven't liked it because I thought my phone got slower.

    So, I reinstalled the Android 5.0 using Odin. However, I lost the option of ''Forcing LTE'' I only have the option ''auto'' which switch between the bands.

    I tried to use the Phone Services, like many ppl tell us. So I opened it and tried to use the codes ( Q and 0000) But after I put these commands I dont get any answer at all. I went to a lot of stores and repair shops, trying to fix it but I could not find a solution to force my 4G again, since when my connection drops to H+ or H it gets veeeery unstable.

    Good evening guys and hope you guys can help me!
    11-09-2016 07:27 PM

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