1. rumburake's Avatar
    I have Samsung S5 with Android 6.0.1. In the internet calling settings I have 2 options for Use Internet Calling:
    - For all calls
    - Only for internet calls

    If I select "for all calls", SIP is used always. No calls are made on GSM.
    If I select "only for internet calls" - SIP is never used. Even if there is an "Internet call" in my contact and is shown with a specific "internet call" icon the call is made via GSM not SIP.

    I would like to use most of the time normal GSM calls and only use my SIP account for some long distance numbers I have selected. But it seems it's either all or nothing.

    I have seen the S5 user manuals. KitKat has some useless summary about the settings and it was removed in Lolipop and Marshmalow user manuals.

    What gives?
    12-10-2016 05:30 PM