1. KasiaJM's Avatar
    I blocked someone's number a while ago, recently had some texting problems and my phone service reset my message settings which included clearing the blocked list. Now the blocked number is not in my contacts at all, after I blocked it, I deleted it. A few hours ago that blocked person added me on Snapchat but the name was under the nickname *I* put him as in my phone.

    I have a Galaxy S5, if there is some way I can find this hidden number that apparently still resides in my phone somwhere & reblock/delete it all over again, please please help me.
    12-11-2016 12:40 AM
  2. Sam_Gs7's Avatar
    In my experience all those apps, who assure you that blocked
    numbers-Will work in the practice it doesn't. The blocked
    person using technology as well find the way to Send
    His-her messages. Change the PhNumber fix that
    12-11-2016 01:12 AM